Differences OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 5

Finally the OnePlus 6 phone has arrived! But there is a small problem: you have a model 5. You didn’t even take it a long time ago. The point is that for certain consumers there is actually a problem of choice.

OnePlus is trying to get into the ranks with giants like Samsung and Apple and to do so must produce mobiles every year, with perhaps the most updated intermediate models every six months (oneplus 5, then 5t). The point is that even if they are mobile phones that cost less (from 100 to 300 euros less than certain smartphones) still weighs trying to update themselves buying a new mobile every year.

So now that you have a OnePlus 5, is it worth switching to model 6? Let’s see together how much convenience there is in this choice. Let’s start by saying that the differences are numerous, this is clear: for example the OnePlus 6 brings a Snapdragon 845 chipset, while the old model brings the Snapdragon 835. Both have 6GB versions or 8GB of RAM, with an internal memory ranging from 64GB to 128gb, but the OnePlus 6 has a 256 Gb Version. Aesthetically they are very different. While the old model offers an aesthetic that follows the old style of mobile phones, with a solid and integral rectangular look and without refinement, the newest model is made of a shiny body of aluminum and glass. Rightly these aspects help both at the level of performance and Aesthetics. But the fact is that performance is often not everything. Already of its own, the Snapdragon 835 combined with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory works with quite high performance.

Many users find it difficult to notice the difference between the new and the old Chipset. At most, you can notice something with the most evolved video games or through some benchmarks. Activities that are not really from everyone and therefore do not count towards a direct upgrade from the old to the new model. The battery is perfectly the same and is recharged by the same USB-C Dash Charge system as Always.

Absolutely nothing has changed on this front. Some may think that the operating system is different and as such manages the various matters with more advanced means. On this we can say that the OnePlus has worked so well to give oneself a hoe on the feet: there are yes of the extra functions for the OnePlus 6, but they are scattered. The operating system is almost the same as the old model, so much so that it hopes to add these functions in one form or another in the near Future. finally, Let’s talk about the Camera. The difference here is immediately substantial: even if in the photos made during the day do not notice a lot, in those night or in poor light environments the OnePlus 6 shines particularly Well.

But precisely, the camera of the old model still holds very well. So let’s cut the head off the Bull. If we have a OnePlus 5, should we upgrade to the new model? Maybe it’s not time Yet. The old model still has very high performance and the operating system is still well cared for. Many technical aspects are still valid for everyday Purposes. however, for certain dedicated purposes, the OnePlus 6 can be a feasible choice.

If you keep your model 5 engaged in particularly stressful jobs or games, maybe It’s time to move on to something more Powerful. This is also about the camera, clearly: if you do not like the results of the old camera mounted in OnePlus 5, then you can make the Jump. This is also about Aesthetics. T

he new model is much more refined, though more Delicate. If for you the appear is not very important, keep the old model is most desirable. Keep in mind that these phones at the moment do not lose much value, so you can also try to gain a little on your old model by selling it, especially if it is still in good condition. In This way, giving yourself a pinch to buy model 6 is less difficult.

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