Mute Shutter Sound Camera Android

Take pictures? A hobby that anyone can access nowadays, especially if we take into account the immense vastness of smartphones on the market. Not in all cases however it is indicated to make use of these means: for certain people, they are source of annoyance or inappropriate behavior.
Let’s say we still want to take a picture in the most discreet way possible. Can we do that? Every time we try to take a picture, our cell phone plays. How can we avoid this problem? Problems are not there: Here’s how you can disable the camera shot in Android...
In every way! Here are some simple tips for a while all models:

  • Reduce the volume of your mobile phone to vibrate, or put it in silent mode.
  • Insert a pair of headphones, usually works with older models, which direct all the audio to the headphones.
  • If your Smartphone is rooted, chances are you can access the sounds used for various system events, such as when you take a picture. Once you have found the sound, replace it with another “void” in which only silence is recorded.
  • Use the old “Cap” method. If you know where your sound box (i.e. the Speaker) is located, press a finger on it. This usually prevents the sound from being heard in large part.

If you prefer to avoid modifying the system or search anywhere for a setting in your mobile phone, you can use a special app. This is silent Mode Pro () which guarantees total silence on the part of your mobile when you take a photo.

Let’s now see how to disable the sound in other smartphones, brand by brand:

On LG phones – usually many LG phones stop playing the sound if the volume is reduced to vibration or the phone is muted.

On Samsung mobiles – if your mobile phone is a bit outdated, check the settings of the camera App. You will find within the option to silence the camera. If not, vibration or silent is enough.

On HTC mobile phones – again the mobile phone can be silenced in silent mode or in volume set by vibration. However if your HTC is a bit old, you can still find the setting to remove the sound. Open the camera App, scroll down the three-point icon at the bottom and when the menu is displayed, scroll to the left. You will find the settings icon. Inside you can disable the sound of the photo shoot.

On Motorola phones – here too just set the silent mode or vibration! But, in some models (not all) you can find out how to turn off the sound. When you open the Camera app, a list of functions will appear in the form of a wheel. Scroll down until you find the typical sound icon. By pressing on, you will deactivate the noise.

On OnePlus Phones – in the camera App, swipe left and open the settings. The option to disable the sound is available inside.

On Honor phones – you can turn the volume down to vibrate to eliminate sound, but in newer phones you can currently find the right setting. When you open the Camera app, look for the settings icon. Inside there will be the option to mute the shot.

On Huawei phones – once you open the camera App, scroll to the left. This will open the settings immediately. Inside it is the option to silence the sound. Alternatively, on other older models, press the three dots icon and then open the settings. Inside there is the option to disable the sound.

On Sony mobile phones – you can set your mobile phone to silent or vibrating mode. On older models you can also completely remove the sound: Click on the three dots icon, then go to the settings: inside there will be an option to remove the sound.

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