How to fix problems on Galaxy Note 8/9

The Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy Note 9 is an incredible phablet created by Samsung, but unfortunately sometimes can create some problems that users do not support at all.

Let’s see together what are the most obvious problems and how we can solve Them.

1. I can not delete the icons in the Home screen! It’s about pressing the long icon and we’ll be given the option to delete the shortcut or the app Itself. Unfortunately this is not the case of the Galaxy Note 8, especially if we have disabled animations! We need to rehabilitle them if we want to delete the apps located on the Home. Go into the settings and look for the developer Options. Inside you will find the choices to re-enable the Animations. You just need to re-set the 0, 5x! Once you delete what you want, you can disable them again.

2. Note 8/9 does not flow well! Are there any obvious delays in scrolling from one page to another or in the list? Some Apps that change the functions of the keys (like that of bixby) cause this Problem. We therefore recommend uninstalling the Apps that change the behavior of your keys until this small flaw is Resolved. Keep the updates under control and maybe someday you’ll be able to install it again without encountering the Problem.

3. Facial recognition doesn’t work! The Galaxy Note 8/9 prides itself on being able to unlock simply by looking at our Face. Yet sometimes it does not seem to work at all, even though we are in an environment that encourages good photographic quality. In This case we have to understand if the problem came after the installation of a precise app: that’s probably the culprit. Some also report that WhatsApp can cause the Problem. No need to uninstall It: just remove the access to the camera and everything will be solved. 4. The screen displays a yellowish coloration! The Super AMOLED screen is so full of features and details, that sometimes you have to refine it well to avoid seeing strange colored patches around. You can adjust some aspect of the Display by going into the settings and then in the screen, or looking through the advanced settings to finely calibrate the Colors. In case, try typing * #15987 # where you usually dial the phone number: a setting will appear to better adjust the Display’s “red tint” effect.

5. I see dead pixels on the screen! Sometimes it is not really about burnt parts of the screen, but of a faulty regulation due to the nature of the Amoled. We can try to solve this problem with the App “dead pixel treatment” which can perform a test to remove that annoying dot on the display.

6. The Wireless/Bluetooth connection does not work well, does not stay connected, does not connect at all.. This is not just a problem of the Galaxy Note 8/9, It is a very general problem that can happen in several Android-equipped Phones. There are multiple causes and solutions. Let’s see them all, starting from Wifi:

  • Have you checked your Router? Sometimes the cause is simply due to an old and worn out Router or simply Flooded. Switch off your Router and keep it off for about ten SECONDS. Then turn it back On.
  • Try to remove the saved network from your mobile PHONE. You can in case save it again by other means, as with the Wps.
  • Check if there are no settings to reduce the consumption of your battery. In Some cases this also concerns a crappy WiFi connection from your mobile phone, but fortunately you can find an option to disable this Protection.
  • Disable and re-enable Connections. Sometimes this system is enough to solve the Problem.
  • Reboot your mobile phone or turn it off.

For the rest of the problems present in the Galaxy Note 8/9, there remains to wait for an update from the House. If you have never updated your notes 8 before now, do it now: some of its most serious problems have been solved in this way. and remember: if everything just does not want to work, reset the factory settings!

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