How to reset AirPods

Among the many headphones that exist on the market, you should not avoid taking a look at the AirPods!

It is a product with which Apple has been able to surprise the market again. Not only is the audio of excellent quality for their size, these headphones can be carried anywhere (although they have, in the opinion of some, a somewhat strange shape). In addition to having a decent durability, they can be found anywhere thanks to their built-in Bluetooth communication, along with Apple’s famous W1 chip.

But like all popular and advanced technologies, these headphones can get high from time to time. That’s why Apple can currently update their firmware when needed, but it doesn’t always decide to do so for any kind of problem. And so, it can also happen that sometimes, these headphones simply decide to stop working properly. But AirPods aren’t exactly disposable.

They can be properly arranged when necessary, and this is possible through some good cleaning, both of the connections and the memory itself of the headphones. So let’s see what we can do to reset the AirPods properly, so that we can bring them back to full capacity.

This procedure is also useful in case we have in mind to sell our AirPods. This way we will make sure that they will be completely cleaned up by every previous owner!

How to Reset AirPods: Steps

First, it’s a good thing to remove the headphones from each device that has stored the setting. If you have an iPhone, a good way to do that is to enter the settings and then access Bluetooth options. In the list, search for your AirPods. Then press the “i” icon and then move on to removing the mobile memory device.

If you have an Android phone, a bit all the devices equipped with this operating system have their own method to manage Bluetooth connections. Just search the settings to find the section dedicated to Bluetooth connections. Alternatively, just open the quick settings and long press the dedicated button (the one useful for turning bluetooth off or on).

Once you enter the section, just hold down long on the name of the headphones and select the deletion. As for a PC with Windows, you can either find the stored Bluetooth devices by going to the bottom right and looking for the connection icon, or by going to the Windows settings. In Bluetooth device management, you can view the stored devices. Look for the one you need and delete it from the list. Now that you’ve removed the AirPods from each device, it’s time to reset as you have to.

Place your headphones in the case and wait at least 30 seconds, with closed houses. Once this stretch of time has passed, open the case and look behind: there is a button to reset the headphones. Press the button and hold it until the light turns white. Once you have enabled reset, wait at least another 30 seconds, as the memory must be completely cleaned out of this operation. Now that you’ve reset your headphones, it’s time to reconnect them with your iPhone or personal device.

As for every Apple product (iPhone or iPad) just keep it close to the headphones with the case open. This is enough to send a signal to recognize the Airpods, for which you can specify the connection. For all other devices, with Android or Windows, you must instead open the case and press the key behind until you notice a flashing light. Don’t hold it down like you did before, since you are now aware that this resets your headphones. Once the light starts flashing, start searching the other device: the headset will be detected and quietly attached again.

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